We have a made a very strong effort to build, supply and manage our Hotel in an Eco-Friendly manner.

Some of our efforts in the building of Hotel:

  • Rinai Hot Water Heaters
  • Low Volume Toilets
  • Air Conditioner/Heater Shut Off Sensor (Unit will not operate when sliding glass door is open)
  • Extra Insulation
  • Reduced Footprint on Towns Sewer and Water Demand from previous Establishment
  • Plans to add Solar Panels & to catch rain water for our landscaping

While supplying the hotel we made special efforts to use the following items:

  • Bamboo Hangars vs. Wood Hangars

To continue our green efforts while you enjoy your stay with us:

  • Only 2 Bath Towels are readily available (Additional Towels available if needed)
  • Bed Sheets will be changed between guests but not during your stay unless requested
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